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Dulce, taking fresh air in front of the fan, after playing with her sister in the aisles of Holyrood Church. While Dulce, takes air from the fan, she asks me, "Until when we're going to be living here? she asks and then continues, "I'd like to go back to my house, but they say my mom can not because the migra will take her from us." Manhattan, NY. October, 2017

cinthya santos-briones
Mar 17, 2021
Once Upon a Time There Was a Girl Whose Mother Was About to Be Deported
This multimedia project tells the story of sanctuary through the voice and original writing of a 10-year-old girl named Dulce Carvajal, who lived as a refugee in a Manhattan church with her family as they fight together the threat of being separated from her mother by immigration police. 
To make this multimedia, I collaborated and worked with Dulce Carvajal, she wrote her own story and experience living in sanctuary with her mother, Amanda and her two siblings, Daniel and Daniela.

Cinthya Santos-Briones Photography

Cinthya Santos Briones, is a Documentary Photographer based between New York and Mexico.
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