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Dancer dressed as a jaguar or tecuani during the Mixtec carnival celebration in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The word Tecuani or Tecuane, is of Nahuatl origin and means fiera, jaguar, wolf or lion. "In Mixtec mythology there has been a battle between Tecuán and man since pre-Hispanic times, a struggle that is recreated today in the Tecuan dance that stages the persecution, hunt, and death of the Jaguar -Tecuan or tecuani- where the community participates. We brought this dance from our town, our grandparents did teach it to us,” says Demetrio, an indigenous Mixtec migrant from Puebla. Brooklyn, New York, 2019.

Cinthya Santos-Briones Photography

Cinthya Santos Briones, is a Documentary Photographer based between New York and Mexico.
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